The strory I might write one day

I don’t know whether I’ve been asked to write this prologue because of my post as director of the collection “La Sonrisa Vertical” (The Vertical Smile) or because I’m considered to be the biggest erotic in the world, as some of my friends define me. In any case, I carry out my duty not without some concern, because, since this book is offered as a jubilant exaltation of the summer, I should join with warm enthusiasm (and never better said) the joyful stories which take place among beaches, bikinis, lustful waves, impenetrable jungles, hot and tiny rooms, exotic islands, touristic cities and whiter-than-white flat roofs. Stories that take place, all of them, during the summer, that period of time which is normally a time for holidays and that, in my point of view, always generates the dull shudder of a yawn.

I admit that my almost forgotten erections have never been brought about by attractive naked bodies burning under a sun that has only given me sweat and skin melanomas. An old idea of mine could confirm this rejection, an idea which is the essential structure of the story I might write one day. In that story, the main character finds a beautiful woman at a nudist beach and, after exchanging looks, all the passion in the male character focuses on making brave efforts to dress the woman, put some shoes on her, decorate her with all the fetish trimmings of seduction, starting from the idea that the attire is a possible generator of orgasmic pleasure, and to look for a place which is far away from the sand on which they have met.

But suddenly I realise that the main character’s adventure in my story begins at a beach. It would have been impossible without the summery atmosphere. Therefore, nobody should think it strange that these lines of mine should come before the summer brilliance of these torrid stories which our readers will enjoy, sweaty or not.

Luis García Berlanga

Madrid, March 2002

* Prologue to “Cuentos eróticos de verano”. Tusquets Editores, Barcelona, 2002.