The creation of the Berlanga Film Museum makes me, my mother María Jesús, my brother José Luis and the rest of our family very happy; it is an initiative which we receive with excitement because we see it as the first step towards what we hope will be the Fundación Luis García-Berlanga in a not very distant future.

Besides, the set up of this virtual museum will enable researchers, historians and film lovers from all over the world to have access to the life and works of one of the most important personalities of the Spanish culture of the 20th century. Watching Berlanga’s films means submerging oneself into the recent history of Spain. His films are always cutting edge because there are few authors who have managed to dissect the Spanish society with such skill and sharpness. Always chronicles of a failure. The failure of an individual who claims his freedom against the ties of the society around him.

In addition, this virtual museum will enable the visitor to have access to my father’s fruitful and surprising career. He was a universally inquisitive person who was not only interested in films. His other great passions were architecture, poetry and eroticism. They all have a place in this Berlanguian universe thanks to the efforts of all the institutions participating in the project. Our deepest gratitude. The Berlanga Film Museum would not have been possible without their motivation and interest.

Fernando García-Berlanga