A Tram for Sale

In the patio of an intimate, small prison, an inmate called Julián tells the story of the events that have brought him there. Instead of being satisfied with the normal swindles everybody knows, he looks for a victim to get his money with a new plan. After finding a distrustful man with a lot of money from a small town, he calls his sidekicks and stages a careful plan to sell him a tram that runs through Madrid. To raise the man’s interest for the fake business, each member of the band plays his own role: the businessman who owns the tram, a nurse he can help with charity, a travelling salesman who keeps watch, the conductor, the inspector, a tax collector… The man falls into the trap and, after offering an advance payment, he goes back the next day with a friend who is interested in buying another tram. The swindlers quickly improvise something to obtain more benefits from their plan. After being reported by those swindled, Julián is found trying to sell an aerostatic beacon taken from a US base to another unsuspecting man.

Production: Estudios Moro, S.A. (Madrid).

Director: Juan Estelrich.

Direction Supervisor: Luis García Berlanga.

Story and Screenplay: Luis García Berlanga and Rafael Azcona.

Director of Photography: Francisco Sempere (B/W).

Music: Antonio Ramírez Ángel y José Pagán.

Editor: Rogelio Cobos.

Set Decorator: Luis Puig.

Executive Producer: Juan Julio Baena.

Production Manager: Francisco Molero.

Assistant Director: Enrique Bergier. Continuity: Pascual Cervera. Second Cameraman: Miguel Agudo. Assistant Camera: Ramón Sempere. Still photographer: Miguel Guzmán. Production Assistant: Pablo Tallaví. Make-up Artist: Roque Millán. Assistant Make-up Artist: María Moro. Sound Engineer: Juan Flierbaum. Assistant Editor: Juana Moreno. Assistant Decorator: Enrique Vidal. Secon Assistant Director: Francisco Regueiro. Second Production Assistant: Faustino Garcinuño. Stills Second Assistant: José Luis Campos. Special Effects: Baena, Álvarez and Rivas. Props: Ricardo Juárez. Costume Design: Cornejo. Soundtrack and Music Recording: Estudios Exa. Sound System: Westrex. Music Recording Engineer: José María Batlle. Laboratory: Madrid Film (Madrid).


José Luis López Vázquez, Antonio García Quijada, Antonio Martínez, Goyo Lebrero, José Orjas, Xan das Bolas, María Luisa Ponte, Pedro Beltrán, Luis Ciges, Chus Lampreave, José María Tasso, Jesús Martín Heredia, Luis Marín, Lorenzo Robledo, Luis García Berlanga.


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